Month: December 2012

Best of 2012

In this fabulous edition… I will disclose the best movies of 2012, purely from my own opinions! This is based on the films I have actually seen, so it’s possible better films from the year exist: I just haven’t seen them at the time of writing. 1. The Avengers This was the best thing made this year. Yes, it has… Read more →

A Longer Christmas

There we sat, in a booth. A lovely dinner. Me, my girlfriend, and her daughter. A lovely girls by the name of Christina. Christina advised me that I had to put together my Christmas list sooner than later, so it could be sent to Santa in timely manner. “It would be terrible if Sinterklaas didn’t know what you want!”, she… Read more →

Increasingly Perturbed

I am growing increasingly perturbed by the complete incapability of this world to communicate with a deaf person. Despite WRITTEN ORDERS to use email for contact, a company still tries to call. The written orders state: “THIS PERSON IS DEAF. CANNOT HEAR YOU ON A PHONE.”. Apparently, that sentence is too vague and difficult to understand for persons in the… Read more →

Captioning in Theaters

I was very surprised to find the local AMC Livonia has deployed a very nice closed captioning system for most of their screens. On Friday, we went to see The Hobbit, but the system was broke (so we saw The Hobbit for FREE!) Saturday, we went to see Lincoln, and the captioning did work for that screen. The technology is… Read more →


This may be early, so I’ll start it early and often: 2012? You suck. Just go. Let the damn door hit you in the ass on the way out. My year started with the CPAP chronicles and illogicality of BCBSM… a very sore hip, which I worked hard to get strengthened, then I broke my leg in April. That’s chronicled quite aptly… Read more →

Nosey People

Some people have severe nose problems, and need to mind their own business. This message brought to you Thanks to a nosey person with severe gossipitis. You know who you are, and if you’re reading this, yeah, you should feel really bad. Cause you ruined my day, week and month. I cannot believe a person would gossip like that, draw… Read more →

Facts of Deaf

I’m going to share a few simple facts of being deaf. I realize these are concepts so far beyond most people’s every day lives, but they are facts… 1. A deaf person CANNOT. USE. A TELEPHONE. Providing a deaf person with a phone number for ANY reason defies all human logic. It is, in a word, stupid. They should put… Read more →


The edge is sharper than ever you never knew it cut when finally you see the blood it’s too late to run Two sides this sword we swing Just another broken dream retract a stump of bloody rags cry me a river jagged In the back in the eye in the happy part of my mind in the leg my… Read more →