Month: November 2012


The sweet sound of nothingness is interrupted by something less savory than a moment with thee, cause jealousy bends its knee unto all who dare to gaze upon the two of us… The elephant in the room, it shrieks and cries cause everything therein remembered means nothing to the future but just a single phrase: goodbye A decision to be… Read more →


Happiness is just a myth life has taught me this For fleeting moments you may have it till counterbalance refunds your wits Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be happy and wise Just understand in your mind sadness is the balance and wine so many stars in the sky surrounded ever by the dark keep fighting for the light til… Read more →

Let me summarize this…

The election is over. Barack Obama will get 4 more years to write his memoir. Whether good or bad, this post isn’t so much about the victory, but about the issues… which no election should EVER be about. Note One: Dear assholes, stop using that word (entitlements). I do not think it means what you think it means. Social Security… Read more →

Scribbled on a Pad

“I Love You” is just a fleeting lie. I hate that this thought passed before my mind.” “What did I ever do to lose you? All I ever did was dare to love you” Reckless Abandonment Hurts. All i feel for you can be summarized in a kiss and then some Believe in us. Through the darkest of times my… Read more →