Month: September 2012

Side Effects

I think I’m experiencing emotional side effects of everything that has happened these last few months. I found myself very angry, snippy, and probably way too rough for no real reason today. I took it out on someone else, alas. It’s too late to subtract the words. I think the question I forgot is this: Did you do it for… Read more →

Complaining about lack of Captioning on Web Sites with Video

Recently, I took the time to write a short, snarky complaint to over the lack of captioning in videos on their website… Description: Name: Michael McEvoy Webaddress: every freaking video on the site General comments: Your site continues to NOT provide captioning for videos. Perhaps you think deaf viewers do not deserve to watch video? Or they should just… Read more →

Almost Cyborg

Well, I am almost there as far as being cyborg. The Cochlear Nucleus 5 has been implanted into the right side of my skull. First off, I’ll say this: If they tell you this surgery is “easy”… smack em down. Hard. It is not easy. I am now 1 week post surgery, and still suffering pain in the right side… Read more →