Month: May 2012

Returnth to Normal?

Tomorrow, next step on the way back to “normal”. I go back to work… I’m excited and scared about that. Excited because I’ve sat on my ass for the last 6 weeks. I can’t sit on my ass no more. I know the meaning of the word “laid up” and I don’t wanna do it again. I’m a bit scared,… Read more →

Barbarian in the Gate… and you let him in

What do you do if the barbarian in in the gate? He’s walked right through the gate, and you let him in. He’s inside. You can’t let him out, because circumstances require someone to take up that space… how do you deal with it? Proactively. Will the barbarian, marked as spoiled, choose to continue to enter the gates? Walk amongst… Read more →

“…more than you can handle”

There’s a saying out there. Maybe it’s out of the Bible or some other biblical level text. It more or less states that God will never give you more than you can handle. God will ALLOW trials and tribulations to come unto you. Well, the good Lord must think I’m some kind of freaking bad ass… So… in addition to… Read more →

Surgery and Hospital – Part Two

I was not really very happy with the inpatient rehab. It felt horribly restrictive, and part of the issue is that sometimes, people don’t get that I cannot hear them. At one point, they attached a “nanny” to the wheelchair I was in. (it clips to the chair, and the back of my shirt) This was not comfortable nor explained.… Read more →