Month: January 2012


Sharing this post I found. It echoes my thoughts well. “…So many people honestly seem to believe this bill is just to fight piracy. No one is protesting to help pirates. ┬áThis bill goes far beyond the reaches of piracy, and the “piracy” part of the name is there to dupe people too lazy to read (which is most americans… Read more →

Musings upon existance

I’m curious, really. What the heck am I doing here right now? I mean the physical here, not metaphysical. I’m sitting in the condo, which I still barely call home. I have trouble saying “come over to my house”. I say “come over to my place.” I have no house now. My house is my Dad’s house. That’s what I… Read more →

NAIAS 2012

So we managed to attend the first public day of the NAIAS this year. I always look forward to the auto show, but this year, I’m actually car shopping again. I want to spend less on my auto this year, so I was looking at cheaper cars… My summary of cars I was able to check out follows. (no particular… Read more →