This may be early, so I’ll start it early and often:


You suck. Just go. Let the damn door hit you in the ass on the way out.

My year started with the CPAP chronicles and illogicality of BCBSM… a very sore hip, which I worked hard to get strengthened, then I broke my leg in April. That’s chronicled quite aptly in earlier entries of my blog.

They gave me too many pain killers in the hospital and destroyed my hearing. I missed a month and a half of work. Physical therapy was ended early by BCBSM, then I had a Cochlear Implant (also outlined in detail in my blog) which kicked my ass terribly… so I struggled to get myself together. And I failed. Now I end my year undergoing testing because I’m enormously fat and out of shape because I still can’t get around very well due to my leg. Somehow, I have to find a way to get physically active.

My uncle had a heart attack in August, and it’s just a miracle he survived. We were all terribly worried for him… but Uncle Chuck is too tough to get knocked down for long.

This week has been enormously shitty. I had to do another sleep test (titrating a cpap… which I bought myself. Screw BCBSM on this.) Then I had to get bloodwork done the next morning at my Dr’s office, whom I had to berate into explaining with the hell I was being sent to the hospital for… and advise them that calling a deaf guy on the phone is a meaningless exercise and immensely ignorant.

There’s actually more here, but I can’t really talk about all of it due to gossip. Alas. This may be my last post for a long while.


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