Month: September 2011


I admit. I was resistive. Like an old man who doesn’t want to do anything new. Remain stuck in the way everyday has always been. I recently saw the future in the form of a gift. My brother and I bought my dad an apple I pad for his birthday.a Col gadget and maybe a simpler internet experience for him.… Read more →


I was finally able to update my site. I have changed over from the old Vistered Little theme, as it has not been updated in quite awhile. Now I’ve got a little bit minimal with this new theme, which is called “Adventure”. It’s flexible, and I can change the background with some customization of the image whenever the whimsy strikes… Read more →

Beg again and Louder still

Beg again and louder still the neighbor can’t hear the shrill shriek you sound of all your thrills whence you learn of the will it takes to stand amongst all your heroes and their enemies The angry look hides the boy smiling you’re so happy if they even think it’s time to ask what he wants even if it’s just… Read more →