Month: May 2010


First off: You may want to peruse the Yellowstone photo album online at: Having said that… let me now run through the visit: We arrived about 10am MDT on Saturday, May 22. We found a 1/2 mile of cars in front of us. People were out of their cars, putzing around, and NO one had ANY idea why there… Read more →

Way out West

For “summer” vacation, I just finished a tour of the way out west. Start: Novi, Mi Destination: Yellowstone National Park, WY Side Stops: Badlands, SD – Mt. Rushmore, SD – Crazy Horse Monument, SD – Devil’s Tower, WY As I am wont to do on driving trips, I like to give first blush impressions of the states I’ve driven through….… Read more →

Vivid Dream

I had a fairly vivid dream wake me this morning. I was travelling out west. I awoke in a hotel bed, and went down a hallway into an elevator. When the elevator opened, Azmat and Borat were inside. The let out a cheer singing “PALIN! PALIN! Wait minute. You fat red head. You not Palin!?!” So I played along. “Oh… Read more →

Updates on Life

Well, I had to update this site to a new version of WordPress. Silly ISP… WP upgraded out of the old version of MySQL, so I had to do a complete changeover… but luckily, it was fairly simple. I can’t say the same for the rest of my life lately. Everything is very complicated. Work. Home. Private. Everything. I have… Read more →