Month: March 2009

End of the Road – Yep…

So this is the end of a medical road embarked on in October… 2 separate doctors, 2 CAT scans, 1 month total spent wondering if I have brain tumors, and 6 months wondering if I can ever really wear my left hearing aid again… The answer is… No. There’s just too much damage to my left auditory nerve for any… Read more →

Mixed Blessings, pt 2

So I had the shot done. It hurt a bit, but not really so bad… <cross fingers, hope I don’t wake up tomorrow in complete pain> In any case, I have to have a hearing test next week. If there’s no change, then we assume the shot does nothing… and that’s it.  Last night I had a weird dream, where… Read more →

Mixed Blessings

So today was a day of mixed blessings. Let me summarize: 2 Weeks ago, my ENT informed me that their research as to why I was suffering massive tinnitus had reached a point where they had 2 basic diagnosises: Either the auditory nerve/neural pathway from my ear to my brain was fried OR I had tumors. I was scheduled for… Read more →