Month: January 2009

Meandering About

I’ve had a bit of a shock to the system lately. I’m completely buried in the redesign of the new Library website. Last night, I woke up around 12:30am (sorry… I went to sleep early…) because I was basically having dreams about working on the website. So I woke up in a sweat… and started working on the website.  In… Read more →

Reflections on a New President

I’m still waiting for Dubbya to declare martial law. I don’t trust him at all. I won’t even trust him when or if his only “job” is clearing brush on his big ass farm. It bothers me, all this coverage of Obama… not the coverage itself, but the emphasis on “black president”. Obama should stand up and say “I am… Read more →

Auto Show Thoughts

Winter weather is socking us in pretty good here. Think I’ll write a short description of what it’s like to drive around in subzero weather, 30 mile an hour winds and heavy snow: IT SUCKS. But we do it anyways. I drove from my condo to Ferndale to pick my dad up for the Auto Show (NAIAS) today. Normally about… Read more →