Month: May 2008

Take Me out to the Ball Game

What is included below is part of something I did for work, but then we decided not to use it. So I’m not wasting the hours I spent translating “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” into multiple languages. Therefore, for your imaginary enjoyment… I present unto you “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in multiple languages… English Take… Read more →

Finito: Deaf Boy

I’m fairly proud to announce that I’ve completed the first draft of my latest script, otherwise known as “Deaf Boy”. A good friend of mine states that you have to be able to write a short hook of what the story is about in order to actually get anyone interested in it. I’m afraid I just can’t do that because… Read more →


For a really good laugh, try viewing this site through the Dialectizer. Here’s some direct links (clickies open in new window) MCSPOO.COM in SWEDISH CHEF MCSPOO.COM in PIG LATIN Mucho fun. You can find the dialectizer online at: It will handle any text too… here’s an example: This hyar is mah rifle. Thar is menny like it, but this… Read more →

Local Wildlife

So I decided to take a nice long walk today. Heritage Park in Farmington Hills is a good spot. I used to take a lot of walks there, especially during the trying times of the hell hole. Other than hitting golf balls as hard as I could, taking a walk allowed me to blow off steam. In this case, I… Read more →

Horny Vampire Squirrels

Every day there is a Vampiric squirrel that attacks the “squirrel proof” feeder located right outside my window at work. This squirrel is either pregnant, or a very excited little vampire squirrel. The squirrel will sometimes violently dropkick the bird feeders to rattle some bird feed loose. We’re afraid that one day, the squirrel will drop kick a bird feeder… Read more →