Month: January 2008

Update on Adjustments

I feel kind of guilty complaining. I mean, my adjustments are mostly monetary. First, I’ve scheduled my cable (BrightHouse) to be replaced with AT&T U-Verse. AT&T’s service (U300) provides 260 channels + 3MB/1.5MB DSL service. That would save me $35/mo. Then, I dropped my gym membership (Goodbye again, Lifetime Fitness). I’ll miss that even if I wasn’t going that much… Read more →


The time has come. I will no longer be employed by The Library Network after February 11th. I have mixed feelings about this. My duties with TLN have been gradually whittled down to almost nothing. My hours with them have been scarce, and I was tiring of having to argue about time sheets and feeling ignored by them. I was… Read more →