Month: August 2007


Just posting my mind on the adoption stuff… It amazes me how much Chris and Kim are going through to become parents. They have to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that they will be fit parents. Not just fit… they have to ace the test. They have to get straight A’s and present themselves as… I dunno… 1950’s Ward and… Read more →

I hate the Hellhole

I hate this place. With all my heart. I do not like it here, and it has nothing to do with the place. I simply do not trust the management of this condo association in the slightest. Witness the atrocity that has sprung DIRECTLY OUTSIDE MY FRONT DOOR: I don’t know what else to do. All their work is destructive.… Read more →

Hell Hole Three: Your A$$ is MINE!

The Hell Hole still continues. I’m stumped as to what constitutes “repair” now. In this brand new episode of “Hell Hole Rapes Man of Innocence”… Following the wily Siding companies attempt to imitate a jack up bull in a china shop, they not only put holes in the hot water pipe… but they also put holes into ELECTRICAL CABLES! It… Read more →