No Currency in Kindness

There is no currency in kindness no expectation of reciprocation a deed with no fee but a smile is always worth the price of admission When suffering surrounds you your soul is diminished When the means are in your power solving it is commission Your happiness isn’t part of it your pride or ego bear no parcel your wallet your… Read more →

What makes a good man be?

A million energetic balls of power rattling inside the cage Like fireflies eyes opening what havoc have wrought these dreams Clang the screech of sound rips all your dreams bloody down Silken webs of lies stitched together are not enough to save us all These images coming in the words of reported din shadows seen before the light the sound… Read more →

Look in the Mirror

One day you look in the mirror And it’s not you anymore The mind behind the eyes Says I’m the same as I always was But the eyes in the mirror Aren’t the same as I was When they say the mirror lies Is it your eyes or is it your mind Thought betray memory belayed Shaken loose from the… Read more →

You are the Light

You are the light you are the light without you all is night shadows feed on the sorrow I grieve without you shining a path with me When you’re gone I struggle to breathe the air is dark and so heavy without your light to shine with me I’m just a reflection of the light you cast as you make… Read more →

Burn My Mind Away

Burn my mind away there ain’t much left of me shove your own thoughts in just a zombie sprawled out wouldn’t it be stronger if you convinced me Instead you make your lies Instead you just deny Instead you don’t try instead you dig and pry Burn my mind away there ain’t much left of me hollowed out without much… Read more →